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What makes LUX Media  better?
We're nothing if not versatile. LUX Media is continually working in all facets of interactive media design. Just click on any of the categories below to find out more and see working demos of projects in that category.
RealNetworks LUX Media designs and implements Webinars, which show how RealNetworks technology can be used in business, education, and government applications.
On The Boards LUX Media was asked if we could produce an interesting, innovative multimedia display for the Rennie Harris Dance Troupe closing party -- in 48 hours, including the filming? We did.
Neah Power Just what the heck is a fuel cell and why is Neah Power's design better than its competitors? The answer? Educate the audience by showing the advantages of Neah's design using animation.
U2 Who do you call when it absolutely has to happen? RealNetworks called LUX Media to produce the U2 broadcast from Notre Dame - voted "Best Webcast of the Year - 2001".
Bright Talk, UK Still scratching your head over a multi-media problem? Bright Talk in the UK decided to bring in LUX Media to help them debug their streaming media delivery system.
X|Media|Lab We regularly travel around the world delivering seminars and workshops on streaming media. Yes, we did "write the book." See what we did at the X|Media|Lab in Australia in June 2003.
Want to snazz up your lobby with art but don't have the time or money to invest? Then the GalleryPlayer is what you want.
Does your web site need sprucing up? How about letting LUX take a crack at it?
LUX recently completed some A/V work for Philips at their cardiac arrest survivor's reunion.
The Rotary Club said the Gates Foundation Global Health Award ceremony video montage was the best piece ever done for them. Click on any logo to find out more about a particular project.
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