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Bright Talk
BrightTalk offers streaming media services to the financial sector in the UK. They offer a number of products, such as webcasting company meetings, a video email service, a streaming media hosting service, and a streaming media studio design service. However, they had a problem. No matter what they did, they couldn't acheive reliable delivery to a particular client -- and this was an important client. So LUX Media was brought in to troubleshoot. We tested their streams from Seattle and New York, and found no problems. We talked at length with Bright Talk about their streaming architecture, and their client's connectivity. As is often the case, that is where the problem was. Sometimes it's hard to convince a client that it's not your fault. That's why Bright Talk brought in LUX Media to put the official stamp of authority on their report. As recognized authorities, we helped Bright Talk convince their client that their firewalls and limited connectivity were always going to be a problem if they wanted to implement a streaming solution. We provided a full report on the situation to Bright Talk, and they were able to revisit their client with renewed confidence.
We'd love to show you highlights from this project. Unfortunately, the streams are proprietary, and what's more -- LUX didn't produce them. What we did produce was a report. But that's proprietary, too, and pretty boring. Instead, why don't you just go and see the Bright Talk site yourself?
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