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On The Boards
On the Boards is a theater group based in Seattle Washington. They're continually trying to produce cutting edge theater, and often call on LUX Media to advise them on the possibilities inherent in streaming media. Sometimes an opportunity arises to do something special. In November 2002, LUX Media was asked to produce a lobby installation documenting a visit by the Rennie Harris dance troupe, who had given permission to film their performance. The only catch was that the installation had to be complete 48 hours after the filming. Could we do something special? Of course we could. LUX Media brought in a film crew on the first night of performance and then took the footage back to the LUX edit suite. The idea was to provide a lobby installation that featured highlights of the dance performances cut to the manic virtuosity of the hip-hop DJs. The installation would be shown on three separate monitors, with the center monitor featuring video footage of the DJs in action, and the left and right monitors featuring the dancers. The installation was an artistic success, garnering critical feedback from the attendees and the Rennie Harris troupe. LUX continues to work with On the Boards on other interactive projects.
On the Boards brings old school hip hop to Seattle. Watch the streaming version of the lobby installation:
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Minimum 80kbps required. Click here to visit Rennie Harris' web site. Click here to visit On The Boards web site.
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