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Neah Power Systems
Fuel cells rock. Imagine generating power minus the nasty by-products. Neah Power Systems is doing just that, developing patent-pending micro fuel cell technology. They came to LUX looking for a way to explain a number of things:
  1. What a fuel cell is and how they work;
  2. The traditional challenges to fuel cell technology; and
  3. Why their approach is superior.
Animation was the obvious choice, since most of their technology happens at a molecular level -- not the easiest thing to film. First, LUX Media worked with Neah Power Systems on the script. One of our specialties is getting rid of jargon and explaining technology in a clear, understandable manner. Next came the storyboard and the "look" of the project. We combined crisp graphics with stock photography to create a cool, modern presentation. We recorded a professional voice over and wrote a suitable, upbeat musical bed. Finally, we created a four-part animation in a unified user interface. The presentation is used by the marketing and business development teams to explain Neah Power technology to journalists and investors, as well as offered on their web site.

Watch the Neah Power presentation and learn about fuel cell technology.
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Minimum 80kbps required. Laptop and portable device users are sure to be excited by what is right around the corner! Click here to visit Neah Power's website.
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