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The Gates Foundation
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation established the Gates Award for Global Health to recognize an organization that has made a major and lasting contribution to the field of global health. The 2002 award recipient was Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.  Rotary has contributed more than $462 million toward polio eradication, and has mobilized over one million Rotary members to help immunize more than 2 billion children in 122 countries. The award not only recognized Rotary's work to end polio, but also its community service efforts to improve the health and welfare of those in need throughout the world. LUX Media was contacted to produce a short tribute video to be used during the awards ceremony. We combined Rotary archive video footage with a voiceover tribute and added a soundtrack and audio sweetening. We were practically in tears throughout the entire project. We were also flattered to hear that Rotary considered it one of the best pieces about Rotary that they had ever seen. Thanks, Rotary. Keep up the great work. Click here to visit the Gates Foundation website.
Want to see Rotarians at work? Get out the hankies - you won't believe how good some folks can be.
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