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Fierce, Inc.
Fierce, Inc. provides top tier in-house corporate training through a global network of highly skilled facilitators and executive coaches. The company is a source of leadership development programs for success-minded individuals with a deep commitment to developing their leadership experience and producing exceptional results. The problem? Their website and branding were in need of a redesign. LUX Media teamed up with found, a creative design company, to develop the new brand. We then translated the brand to their web property and re-architected the web site from the ground up. As a result, Fierce's online presence provides a wealth of information and intuitive navigation while keeping in alignment with their mission and vision. Go have a look. It's truly a thing of beauty. LUX Media also began our usual rant about how the internet can be an interactive place, with sights and sounds. It didn't take long to convince them that they should take advantage of the Internet's rich media capabilities. LUX Media has since filmed entire workshops for Fierce for distribution on VHS and DVD. We have also filmed keynote addresses - you can see an example by clicking on the link in the project highlights section.
Watch an excerpt of a Fierce keynote given to the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.
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Minimum 20kbps required. The new Fierce web site has launched! Click here to check it out.
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