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RGB Labs
RGB Labs is the creator and developer of the GalleryPlayer — a state-of-the-art programming service that delivers high resolution art to flat-panel displays. You know, like Bill Gates' rotating display of masterpieces in his subterranean mansion. Now, thanks to RGB Labs, anyone can easily and cost effectively transform their environment, whether it be a dentist office, a hotel lobby, or a living room. When RGB Labs were ready to launch their new baby, they called in LUX Media to capture the press event and create a short video news reel explaining what the GalleryPlayer is. This piece would be distributed on their website as well as to media outlets and potential customers. The catch? The entire piece needed to be turned around — shot, edited, and printed to Beta — in 32 hours. Where to begin? First, LUX transformed the gallery space where the event would be held (with some help from our friends at PNTA - thanks Jude!). Then we wrote a script, a soundtrack, recorded the voice over, shot the video (4 locations in 1 day!), raced back to the LUX office, edited the entire piece, burned it to DVDs and CDs, dumped it to Beta and DVCAM, hand delivered the pieces to RGB Labs (there was an aubible sigh of relief), then dropped dead on our respective pillows (Steve's pillow being on a plane to Europe). RGB Labs was thrilled with their video pieces and were, indeed, slightly amazed at the calisthenics performed by LUX to pull off the deadline. If truth be told, so were we. We hope to work with this dynamic and innovative company again. Oh yeah, and maybe get our hands on one of those 60" plasmas ...drool ... Click here to visit the RGB Labs website.
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