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What makes LUX Media  better?
LUX Media is a group of Internet media professionals dedicated to creating well-designed, eye catching, informative, useful and successful media presentations. Our technological prowess is matched with a keen sense of design to create presentations that do more than just sit there. They attract, entertain and inform. Our history We've been designing interactive presentations since Bill Gates was just a mere multi-millionaire. We created some of the earliest demonstrations of streaming media technology, plus we've worked on films, high-definition broadcasts, live events, and documentaries. We have over twenty years combined production experience, ranging from music videos to multi-camera, multi-crew shoots. Our expertise is recognized worldwide. We've produced some of the largest Internet broadcasts, designed cutting-edge streaming media presentations, and devised Internet media strategies. We are regularly asked to present at conferences and run training workshops year after year. Our workshops are always among the top rated. Our Approach Our goal is to make the creative process more fun and ultimately more rewarding. We bring a unique sense of humor (no bad puns, though, we promise) and a passion for interactive media to each of our projects. Each project begins with a discovery phase, where the parameters and goals of the project are discussed with the client. We prefer to get involved as early as possible because we feel a project is often made or broken in the planning stages. We carefully match each client with the right creative team, and provide the client with storyboards to approve the artistic direction for the project. After the artistic direction is approved, implementation begins. We use the best tools for each project and are fluent in all of today's cutting-edge technologies. Last, but certainly not least, each project is thoroughly tested before being handed back to the client for final delivery.
Halley Bock - Principal Halley has been working in interactive media for ten years, beginning with high-definition broadcasts back in 1992. Halley also spent four years at RealNetworks producing large-scale streaming media broadcasts as well as managing programming projects such as Take 5.
Steve Mack - Principal Steve Mack is a well-recognized industry figure, being a veteran of some of the most prestigious Internet broadcasts produced, as well as the author of the Streaming Media Bible. He also writes a monthly column for Streaming Magazine, and is a regular contributor to
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