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RealNetworks Webinar Series
LUX Media works closely with RealNetworks on the production and design of their webinar series, which provides information to potential customers about how streaming media technology - specifically RealNetworks technology - can be used in business, education, and government applications. Based on the RealOne Player, these presentations combine Flash animation with live audio, video, and a slideshow presentation. This format has been used to announce new product releases, to showcase technology applications, and to provide customer and partner training. The combination of media types enables RealNetworks to showcase their own technology and to provide a concrete example of how effective streaming media is for connecting businesses to their customers. Best of all, RealNetworks doesn't broadcast the webinars just as a proof of concept -- the company has seen increased sales leads after each webinar broadcast. Click here to watch an example of one of RealNetworks webinars.
RealNetworks Webinar screenshot Watch a RealNetworks webinar explaining how to develop applications using their technology:
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Minimum 96kbps required. Click here to visit RealNetworks' website.
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