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U2 Live at Notre Dame
Tickets sell out quickly when U2 go on tour. So the band decided to webcast one of their US dates to reach people who might not otherwise be able to see them play live. Their web site hosting partner, Tiscali, approached RealNetworks with the idea. RealNetworks were excited to offer it as part of their SuperPass service. But an event with an artist of this caliber ups the ante -- and the fact that it was a live broadcast made it even trickier. RealNetworks turned to the team responsible for many of their biggest events - LUX Media. We provided five video streams and a 360-degree BeHere camera feed with dual redundancy based on satellite and IP delivery. (translation: we covered everything.) The audio quality LUX provided was impressive enough to get the "thumbs up" from U2 guitarist The Edge. In addition to the live event, we produced mini-documentaries that included footage of fans and the crew leading up to the broadcast.

We produced the entire event with an onsite crew of three people, combined with a satellite crew of three. The event was voted Yahoo Internet Life's "Best Webcast of 2001."
Bono and Edge talk about the webcast:
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Minimum 96kbps required. An interview with Dallas, the guitar tech:
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Minimum 96kbps required. An interview with Joe O'Hurlihy, U2's sound man:
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Minimum 96kbps required. Click here to visit the U2 website.
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