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LUX Media's deepest roots are in production. In fact, many of the largest and most prestigious Internet broadcasts were produced by the LUX Media team. From single camera verite filming at the Sundance Film Festival to multi-camera shoots at music festivals, LUX Media has been there, done that. We've shot music videos, corporate events, high-definition broadcasts, and even weddings (okay, that one was a favor). Let us bring our expertise to your event. Project Spotlight U2 Live at Notre Dame U2 partnered with RealNetworks to broadcast the first date of their 2001 American tour. RealNetworks decided to use the team responsible for their biggest events - LUX Media. We provided five video streams and a 360-degree BeHere camera feed with dual redundancy based on satellite and IP delivery. (translation: we covered everything.) The audio quality LUX provided was impressive enough to get the "thumbs up" from U2 guitarist The Edge. We produced the entire event with an onsite crew of three people, combined with a satellite crew of three. The event was voted Yahoo Internet Life's "Best Webcast of 2001." Click here to read more and watch an excerpt from this project.
Want to snazz up your lobby with art but don't have the time or money to invest? Then the GalleryPlayer is what you want.
Does your web site need sprucing up? How about letting LUX take a crack at it?
LUX recently completed some A/V work for Philips at their cardiac arrest survivor's reunion.
The Rotary Club said the Gates Foundation Global Health Award ceremony video montage was the best piece ever done for them. Click on any logo to find out more about a particular project.
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