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Thanks to Macromedia Flash, animation is ubiquitous on the Internet. LUX is often asked to create animation pieces, either as a web site tool or as part of an interactive project. We've created stand-alone animation modules and animation pieces that are part of larger multimedia presentations. Our specialty is creating animations that are extremely bandwidth efficient and play back on low-end machines. Project Spotlight Neah Power animation project Neah Power Systems wanted to explain why their micro fuel cell technology was superior to other approaches, in a way that anyone could understand. Animation was the obvious choice since much of their technology happens at a molecular level - not exactly the easiest thing to film. LUX Media turned their ideas into a powerful, concise presentation. We also translated a heap of jargon into language that just about anyone could understand (this is one of our specialties). Click here to read more and watch an excerpt from this project.
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